Preschool programs

Preschool programs created for our community by local early learning experts.

Welcome to The Preschool Academy at Huntey’s Clubhouse!

Our program is designed to help children develop a love of learning and build a strong foundation for future success. Through play, children develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Our educators’ experience with local children guide them on how to approach learning, paying close attention to where to focus, the pace, cultural experiences, and more.

Here are some of the key features of our program:

  1. Play-based curriculum: Our curriculum is based on the idea that play is the most natural way for children to learn. We provide a variety of materials and activities that stimulate children’s imaginations and encourage them to explore and experiment.
  2. Hands-on learning: We believe that children learn best by doing. That’s why we provide lots of opportunities for hands-on learning, whether it’s through art projects, science experiments, or dramatic play.
  3. Socialization: We believe that socialization is a key component of early childhood education. Our program provides lots of opportunities for children to interact with their peers and develop important social skills like sharing, cooperation, and empathy.
  4. Experienced teachers: Our teachers are experienced and knowledgeable about early childhood development. They are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

We’re proud of our program and the positive impact it has on our students. If you’re interested in learning more about our program, please contact us to schedule a tour. We look forward to meeting you and your child!

Enrollment for Fall 2024 Opens Now!

Preschool Information Night

Join us at Preschool Information Night! These take place the first weeks in May and dates are listed below for each location. Please come meet the teachers, learn about our program, tour the center, get enrollment paperwork and ask any questions. We hope to see you there!

Class of 2024 Graduation!

Save the Date! We will be celebrating our Preschool Graduates in the evening of May 31st at The Peaks Event Center in Big Rapids. Formal invitation to follow.

Enrollment for Fall 2024 Opens Now!

We use Creative Curriculum®. It l is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical-thinking skills. Our curriculum meets the standards set by Michigan Early Learning and National Association for the Education of Young Children. 

Yes. Rest time is important for children as it promotes physical health, emotional well-being, cognitive function, healthy habits, and supports the learning process. Rest times are age appropriate and they vary as children begin prepping for kindergarten. Your child will have a cot or mat and a designated area of their classroom where they rest each day after lunch. You may supply a blanket and pillow that will stay in the classroom. Items are laundered each week (or more, as necessary).

Depending on the weather, yes! Children participate in outdoor play every day on an age appropriate playground. Outdoor play is always supervised to ensure that children are safe and that their play is appropriate and inclusive. Outdoor play promotes creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, which are all essential for a child’s overall development. It provides children with opportunities to engage in physical activity, explore their environment, develop their motor skills, and socialize with their peers. During winter months, we encourage you to leave winter gear (hat, gloves/mittens, snowsuit, boots) at the center. Please make sure everything is labeled.

Of course. Please visit our Nutrition page to learn more. All of our menus are posted weekly on our News/Blog section.

We offer Preschool & Pre-K at all of our Huntey’s Clubhouse locations!

We will be utilizing TC Gold Assessments. During the school year we have two parent teacher conferences. Families will receive a progress report outlining their child’s strengths and next steps. Teachers are always available to meet with families on an as-needed basis.

Your child may be eligible to stay enrolled in our child care center over the summer. We also have a Summer Camp for children who have aged out of our Pre-K classrooms. Check out more at:

A child should be potty trained to attend. We understand occasional accidents happen, and we are prepared.

All classrooms serve children from all funding sources. Tuition is accepted in form of self pay or State/DHHS. It is collected weekly on an app called Procare Tuition Express.

The teachers and assistants meet the requirements set by the State of Michigan. These requirements include education and health requirements for people working with small children. We also strive to provide our team members with continued education in the area of Early Childhood Education. Each team member also undergoes an extensive background check, CPR and first aid certification.

We have additional information and policies listed on the Resources section of our website. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at If you have questions about enrollment, please e-mail

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