Casey Yerger of Huntey’s Clubhouse of Reed City named extraordinary educator

June 23, 2023

Way to go Casey! 👏🏼 Ms. Casey IS an extraordinary teacher, who continues to pursue her goals and education in early childhood, while being an awesome mother and team member. We are thrilled she’s on our team. 🧡

Excerpt from the article below. Check out the entire article here:

“Working with her students on behavioral regulation and patience is a big focus for Yerger, especially when working with preschool-age children about to enter the formative educational years.

Yerger said highlighting appropriate communication is key for her.

“They’re still learning to communicate, even in the room I’m in now, I’m with 3 year old’s,” Yerger said. “Even though they have a lot more words, they might not always know exactly how to communicate what they’re doing, whether it’s something that they’re doing physically or something like that. I’ve definitely tried to be big on patience. I really try and emphasize with them how to better communicate, like using their words and things like that. I’m just trying to have fun with them in the process, too.”

Watching her students grow, change to adapt to situations and find what they love is a highlight of the work she does, according to Yerger.”

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